"Bridging the gap between people and systems in the global world of work."

How We Are Different

business meeting in boardroomFellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) was formed with the expressed vision of creating partnerships and strategies with organizations to balance the individual, group, and organizational needs and outcomes. The firm focuses energy on building congruence in people and organizational systems by increasing the overall effectiveness of people and organizational systems.

We are an Education, Research, and Development firm committed to increasing the overall effectiveness of people and systems. We provide services to the private, public, and non-profit sectors in their efforts to embrace change, craft futures, create partnerships and lead the community. We have discovered how we embrace our wants often impacts decisions, actions, and changes within organizations and its members. Building consistency and congruency within organizations is a tough process; achieving success toward the economic goals is often wrought with bad solutions. Balancing people issues, systems issues, process issues, and product issues; therefore, becomes a tenuous partnership.

Our mission states "The process of development, personally and organizationally, is a path to congruence. We seek to participate in helping you craft a path that balances who you are and what you can become." To that end, we work towards the creation of balance in seven areas; Self, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Context, Content, and Process. These areas are essential to the building of sustainability within the person and the system. Throughout the history of the firm, the attainment of personal and organizational congruence has been, and remains, the primary outcome for partnering with clients.

Our firm uses a "Systems Thought and Action Process" called The Williams Congruence Development System™. The system focuses on the creation of balance and alignment in the actions of organizations to improve their bottom line and operational performance. It is at this juncture that there is a difference between Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC), Consultants, and other business and clinical consulting firms.

Our firm is intentional in the necessity to balance systems and people. Traditional consultation focuses on a compartmentalized approach to problem resolution or organizational change. We believe a compartmentalized approach breeds dysfunction over the long term; creating revenue shortfalls, employee disruptions, loss of organizational direction, and a reduction in the entrepreneurial spirit that created the organization.

We seek to help you change those factors that block the most effective performance of your organization and your people. We often accomplish this by challenging conventional thinking and actions that block innovation and development.

As consultants, professors, and former leaders of organizations, we are committed to the reduction of frustrations, dysfunctions, inactions, and incongruencies within organizations and among people to ensure successful outcomes are identified and implemented for organizations and their members.

As consultants and former leaders of organizations, we are committed to the reduction of frustrations, dysfunctions, inactions, and incongruences within organizations to ensure that successful outcomes are identified and achieved for organizations and their members.

We are a "practice and theory" firm, utilizing our extensive knowledge base in:

  • Operational Management
  • Organizational Development and Transformation
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training and Development
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Clinical Counseling, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Social Cultural Anthropology, and Sociology
  • Social Cultural Anthropology

How We Bridge the Gap Between People & Systems

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) can assist your organization with comprehensive diagnostic processes that identifies:

Internal impacts to success:

  • External relationships essential to maintaining market share
  • Undercurrent hidden themes that block operational action and organizational decisions
  • Awareness of critical people matches that embrace both capacity and performance of the people and the organization

We assist you with accomplishing your objectives through:

  • Research Driven Strategies that embrace your culture, history, and values for work and sustainability in the marketplace
  • Training, Development, and Retention Systems that are custom designed to meet current and future needs of the organization
  • Business, Human Resource Management, and Organizational Psychology strategies that balance the team, the individual, and organization to ensure the right strategy at the right time with the right people

How We Partner For Results

The Levels Approach to Change

We employ the Williams Congruence Development System™ to move your organization from a stagnant past to an energized future.

Level One: Data Analysis

Focuses on the facts, factors, beliefs, assumptions, experiences, and feelings of all members of the organization centering on given issues or set of issues. The analyses allow for the integration of multiple data sets to create a realistic "picture of the whole" that can inform the client in comprehensive and systemic terms. Five instruments are used to collect data:

  • The Belief Systems Audit™
  • The Organizational Violence Audit™
  • The Cultural Competency Audit™
  • The Thinking Styles Audit™
  • The Organizational Sociogram Audit™

Level Two: Performance Planning and Process

Focuses on the planning factors necessary to ensure 100% of scope in the work. Key to this area are issues of environmental scanning, gap analysis, functional and implementation planning, and the creation of a detailed work breakdown structure essential for long-term budgeting and sustainability. Each employee or each work team is identified with specific outcomes being charted for the present and the future.

Level Three: The Intervention Process

Focuses on the conscious and unconscious issues, practices, procedures, and behaviors that block the potential of the organization and its members to be successful. Interventions are designed to reduce tension, frustration, confusion, and hurt that often gets in the way of successful implementation of the work. Business and Psychological processes are employed to create contemporary and holistic results.

Level Four: The Maintenance Development System

Focuses on the long-term desire of the organization. Change, development, and growth must be maintained. This process focuses on ensuring the organization and its members value maintaining their development, growth, and change to the maintenance of the organizational system.

Contact us to discover our difference. From our headquarters in Foster City, California, we serve public, private, and non-profit clients across the country and throughout the world.

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