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Assessment Tools

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) designs assessments tools to meet the unique and specific needs of your organization through research-based data.

We offer a comprehensive suite of Assessment Tools. These Assessment Tools are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the client organization that assist in addressing issues specifically impacting the individual (micro level), the team, group, or department (meso level), and the organization as a whole (macro level).

As Assessment Tools are developed and analyzed, we are then able to develop specific strategies to assist our client organizations in overcoming specific issues; ultimately assisting organizational leaders in meeting their goals and objectives.

FCC Executive Leadership Triad Profile Assessment™

Fellows Corporate Consortium’s (FCC) focus centers on strategy and management consultation; substantively Leader Development, Leader Coaching, Leader Change, Leader Performance, and Executive Coaching and Executive Leader Development. This instrument is not designed to say anyone is wrong, or diminished by having a different profile. Rather, the instrument identifies characteristics of an individual leader that align with the characteristics of multiple leaders in the global arena.

Every leader operates from a primary style, and often has more than one style in operation. A leader may use one style in a given situation and another in a different situation. However, sometimes the styles do not truly complement one another. When the styles conflict, the challenge to the employees and teams becomes one of potential dysfunction, frustration, missed outcome, and lost opportunity.

FCC Executive Leadership Triad Profile Assessment™ seeks to educate persons and assist them in understanding and changing their behavior based on specific situations that emerge, which is critical to the success of the micro, meso, and macro levels of the organization.

Cultural Needs Assessments: Organizations often find that the process of mergers, acquisitions, change efforts is usually driven by fiscal due diligence. In concert with the Cultural Due Diligence Audit, needs assessments that honor the organizational and people cultural challenges becomes essential for sustained success and performance.

Training Needs Assessments: The emergence of change often reveals additional underlying challenges that organizations face in ensuring that requisite skills are present in all the employees – enhancing the potential for multi-tasked actions within the organization. Development of organizational specific training needs assessments is a specialty of our firm.

Critical, Analytical and Reflective Thinking Audit and Synthesis and Integration Audit creates sustained change by expanding the potential of organizations to think critically, analytically and reflectively to yield greater synthesis, integration and new awareness.

Performance Management Assessments tied to compensation, organizational outcome-organizational values and alignment match.

People Matching Assessments to ensure the right person is in the right job (i.e., attracting employees, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring).

Our Talent Assessments help you:

  • Make the best hire and make hiring decisions more quickly
  • Promote from within by utilizing your current talent pool effectively and efficiently
  • Find the best fit for corporate culture, structure, and corporate strategy during these tough economic times: initiative, or more conservative
  • Find employees who are multifaceted and wear several hats
  • Find employees who have skills, experience, and a shorter learning curve
  • Build bench strength
  • Recruit employees from firms that are downsizing employees

Quality Assurance Assessments help to ensure the skillset necessary for achieving the level of quality they want can be accomplished.

Process Improvements Assessments help to ensure each person can perform in the most efficient and effective way.

Team-Based Assessments help you determine how the team is performing and where there are block and gaps that prevent them to do the work in the most effective way. This assessment helps build and maintain strong teams by determining the level of:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Critical Decision-Making Skills
  • Strategic Leadership Skills
  • Multitasking Abilities, all of which are recognized as core work and life skills

Leader and Executive Team Assessments help you ascertain if all persons are working together collaboratively and how to expand and enhance overall team, group and organizational performance.

Culture Performance Matching Assessments help you ascertain if there are gaps in ensuring your organization is effective; especially if and when the organization is experiencing downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, or rightsizing and want to gain a pulse as to how the organization is faring.

Mergers and Acquisitions Assessments including Cultural Assessments assist your organization with specific needs emerging from:

  • Downsizing, Restructuring, and Rightsizing, by helping you determine which employee stays or is downsized and why, and we can also help you create effective severance packages
  • Movement to a Team-Based Organization
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

The Belief Systems Audit™ focuses on understanding the worldview of your organization and the employee. This allows identification of the preferred and practice boundaries allowable in your organization. Interviews and focus groups will validate the findings from the audit.

The Organizational Violence Audit™ identifies the degree to which your organization is "off center" from its preferred and practiced boundaries with identification of where the sore points are in your organization.

The Cultural Competency Audit™ identifies specific issues in the governing principles, formal systems and procedures, informal organizational structures, operational actions and organizational characteristics that can embrace or harm long-term sustainable development.

The Thinking Styles Audit™ begins the process of understanding the impact and influence that styles of thinking have on the ability of your organization to achieve outcomes based on thinking boundaries.

The Organizational Sociogram Audit™ identifies and cross-validates the information from the other audits. This is key because employees are able to identify "specific issues in numerous targeted areas" that guide the important issues in the Level Two Planning.

FIRO-B Assessment Profile: An assessment instrument often used to discern the approach that leaders and employees use to embrace work and challenges that confront success.

Other assessment profiles are developed specifically to meet your organizational needs.

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