"Bridging the gap between people and systems in the global world of work."

Custom-Designed Training

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) has available to our clients over 100 Custom Designed Training services, as well as Training, Needs Assessments. In addition to training, we also assist with an array of Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, and Behavioral Management issues. We develop Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, and Human Resource Management research-based interventions.

Our custom-designed training services include:

  • Research Driven Strategies that embrace the culture, history and values for work and sustainability through Measurement Systems
  • Quantitative Performance Based Systems
  • Qualitative Phenomenological and Anectodotal Systems
  • Mixed Method Approaches to Uncover Organizational Behavior, Narrative Research Models
  • Cultural Based Models, and Interagency Collaboration Models
  • Training, Development, and Retention Systems custom designed to meet current and future needs
  • Clinical, Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling Services
  • Business, Human Resource Management, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development and Transformation, Organizational Behavior, Behavioral Management, and Social Psychology strategies that balance the team, the individual, and organization to ensure the right strategy at the right time with the right people
  • Operational Management
  • Administrative Leadership and Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Assurance and Management
  • Program and Project Management


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Our training courses include:

Accountability Management
Applied Supervision
Advanced Leadership
American With Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act
Art of Developing the Organization
Assimilation, Acculturation, and Competition: Impact on Cooperation, Collaboration & Teamwork
Anger Management
Aggressive Behavior Management
Assessment of Health-Related Concerns

Balancing Individual Versus Organizational Values
Balancing Organizational Systems Versus Bureaucratic Systems
Basic Supervision
Behavioral Reliability
Benchmarking- Setting the Standard and Building a Sustainable Organization
Becoming an Effective Manager
Building Multicultural Systems
Bureaucracy and Control in a Changing World

Career Development: Systems & Practices for Flat Versus Tiered Organizations
Change Management, Change Systems, Change Practices: Exploring the Best Change Option
Coaching and Counseling
Community Learning / Community Development
Conflict Management
Conflict Resolution and Confrontation Avoidance
Congruence Development
Congruence of People and Systems
Context, Content, and Process: The Creation of a Systems Approach to Business
Crafting Unique Quality Control Systems
Creating Socially Responsible Businesses
Creating Effective Learning Organizations
Creating Effective Organizational Corporate Cultures
Creating an Effective Professional
Creating Personal Values
Creating Management Strategies
Creating Personal Values
Crisis Management
Cultural Due Diligence
Customer Service/Customer Relations: Both Internal and External
Customized Learning Strategies for Organizational Change

Decision Making
Developing an Effective Business Integration Model
Developing a Cultural-centric Psychological Mindset
Developing Leadership Competency
Diversity Development: Multiculturalism and Cultural Competence
Downsizing and Rightsizing

Educational Performance Systems Models
Employee Psychological Assistance Program
Effective Communication: Horizontal and Vertical
Employee Development, Effective Communication and Reaching Common Ground: Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials through Retirement: Building a Commonality Among Values, Beliefs, and Processes
Ethics and Social Responsibility
Executive Coaching
Executive Leadership

Fiscal Responsibilities for Managers and Boards
Four Capital Development (Human, Resource, Political, and Community Capital)

Getting to the Core of People Behavior
Group Dynamics
Group Facilitation: Appreciative Inquiry and the Dialogic Process
Group Problem Solving

Healing the Rift Between People and Organizational Systems
How to Use Research in Organizations: The Decision Making Process
How to Market the Organization’s Skills Upward
Human Resources Employee Development
Human Resources Employee Development Process
Human Resource Management Systems
Human Resource Leadership Processes
Human Resource Performance Measurement and Merit Enhancement Systems
Human Resources Training
Human Resource Management – A Three Day Seminar

Intellectual (IQ), Emotional (EQ), Social and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) for the Business Leader: A Three Day Seminar

Interagency Collaboration
Interpersonal Communications
Intrapersonal Communications
Interfacing with the Media
IT’s Impact on Organizational Design

Knowledge Management

Labor Management
Leadership Development for the following:

  • Executive Leaders
  • Managers
  • EEO Leaders
  • Supervisory Managers
  • Informal Organizational Leaders

Leadership Competency
Leadership Styles
Learning to Lead: Managing Diversity

Management Training and Interagency Collaboration
Managing Change
Managing Diversity
Manic Behavior Management
Meeting Organizational Expectations
Mentoring Systems
Mergers and Acquisitions
Metanoic Processes: Shifting the Mind of People and Systems, Motivating the Self: Creating Effective Outcomes

Motivating and Rewarding Employees
Multiculturalism and Cultural Competence
Multicultural Diversity & Effective Volunteerism
Multiculturalism and the Impact to the Organization and its People
Multitasking and Critical Thinking: Key to Successful Team Membership

Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act
Operational Versus Organizational Performance Systems Models
Organizational Development
Organizational Psychological Challenges
Organization Versus Individuation Decision Management
Organizational Communications
Organizational Protocol
Organizational Needs Analysis
Organizational Violence - Building Prescriptions That Work

People Matching
Personal Motivation
Personal Power and Influence
Performance Management Systems
Performance Measurement and Management Strategies
Planning and Scheduling
Philosophy of Supervision
Planning and Organizing Work
Policy and Problem Analysis
Prioritizing: Essential Strategies for Sustained Leadership Success
Project Management - A Three Day Seminar
Priority Setting: Developing Effective Leadership Skills
Problem Analysis and Decision Making
Problem Solving and Decision Making

Quality Control Systems Management
Quality Control Systems Leadership

Report Writing
Risk Management

Sales Training
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Orientation in the Workplace
Social and Cultural Responsibility
Social Introversion
Sociological and Anthropological Business Process Paradigms: Strategies for the Future

Spirituality in Work
Suicidal and Paranoid Ideation
Strategic Managers versus Strategic Leaders: Bureaucracy and Control in a Changing World
Strategic Leadership Development Seminars: Movement From Tactical Manager to Strategic Leader
Strategic Planning
Strategic Thinking Skills
Stress Management
Succession Planning
Systems Approach to Organizational Change

Team Building
Time Management
The Art of Developing The Organization
The transformation from Theory X to Total Quality Management (TQM)
Transition to Management
Trinity System of Organizational and People Development Diversity as a Business Imperative

Understanding and Managing the Workgroup
Understanding The Organization’s Thinking Paradigm
Understanding the Underlying Violence Within the Organization
Understanding The Organization’s Spirit to Create Sustainable Change
Understanding The Organization’s Corporate Culture: Being a Good Fit
Understanding Chaos Theory and its Impact on Work
Understanding Organizational Change
Understanding Political Processes Versus Organizational Processes: How to Create a Balance

Using Research to Make a Difference in the Decision
Using the Business Knowledge to Create Business Change

Vendor Process Improvement

All training is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Additionally, other customized training services are available that are specifically designed based on your organizational needs analysis or one that is conducted by the firm.

Contact us to schedule your consultation. From our headquarters in Foster City, California, we serve public, private, and non-profit clients across the country and throughout the world.