Consulting Services
A Partial List


Organizatonal Development      

Custom Designed Training

Human Resource Management Consulting      

Cultural Competence: Multiculturalism & Diversity Consultation

Strategic Leadership Development Seminars


Development of Organizations

Leadership Development, Management Development, Organizational Change and Development, Process Reengineering, Structure and Strategy Development, Risk Management Systems, Total Quality Management Systems, and Culture Development.

Development of People and Human Capital Systems

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, Employee Coaching and Mentoring, Training and Development Programs and Training and Development System/Academy Development, Organizational Development Coaching and Mentoring, Customer Focus Development, Culture Strategy Development, Diversity System Development, and all aspects of Organizational Psychological Interventions and Implementations. 

Education and Program Development

Business, Organizational Psychology, Development and Change Programs especially focusing on Global Business and Strategy.

Certification Program Development

Training Consultants to Learn Consulting in Human Resource Management, Organizational Change and / Development, and Management Development leading to the appellations of Certified Professional Consultants to Management and Certified Management Consultant.

Research Development

Quantitative, Qualitative, Cultural and Mixed Method Research strategies for people and system analysis and development.

Executive Leadership Development

Coaching, Mentoring, Specific/Process Work strategies that can ensure the success of leaders – remaining focused on leadership versus management.