Organizational Development

We ensure that strategies and techniques create congruence between people needs and operational outcomes. Team-building, management development, systems development, and effective management of conflict and diversity are key influences in the development process.

Organizational Development Transformation and Change
When you discover that training and development does not address the issues; when you sense that the people are not being brought along in the process; when the organization seems to be unable to create sound movement from beginning to end, we partner with you in areas of organizational development and change.

Change Management
By helping you develop a vision and strategies that move your organization from one place in history to another, ensuring that the gaps that potentially derail your progress are effectively planned for and managed for your organization and your employees.

Learning Organizational Development
When you discover that old methods of addressing issues and challenges impedes creating solutions focused on continual growth and change to remain ahead of the marketplace, we assist you in crafting approaches to continually learn and become what you desire! Learning Organizational strategies allow organizations to search for the best approach to create continual options for meeting challenges created by historical blocks to performance. We help you understand your histories through analysis and data query, creating different meanings for embracing your challenges and identifying resources within your organization that blend effectively to create new outcomes that maintain market position and market share.

Executive Coaching
When you find that you are out of sorts - not achieving the dreams you desire - missing critical assignments or just missing the points, we assist you through coaching.
Coaching is an ongoing relationship that allows for clients to create fulfilling accomplishments in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of education, facilitation, process development, skill enhancement, group enhancement and other developmental processes, clients deepen their understanding of themselves, improve their performance personally and organizationally, enhance their choice making and quality of life.

Group Facilitation
By ensuring that each person is exposed to substantive and relevant group dynamics content so that the group and individual functioning is significantly improved and accelerated.

Strategic Planning
By helping you build the road map for your personal and organizational development, guaranteeing that people, fiscal, environmental, product and communication issues are interconnected for a holistic approach to development and change.

Training and Development
When you discover a gap between your outcomes and the skill sets of your people, we partner with you through training and development. Organizations and their leaders often determine that skill enhancement is best improved through training and development opportunities; yet they select "canned programs" that scratch the surface - because the programs were not specifically designed to address the unique nuances of employees or the organization. We ensure through our designs - high yields in employee understanding and performance - recognizing that the organization wants the "best bang for its dollars". We ensure increased knowledge and skill performance for all employees involved in the training process.

Total Quality Management
When you choose to alter the strategies that made you successful, but have lost their punch, we partner with you to focus on the strategies that can re-invent, retool, recover your strength. From traditional TQM to Six Sigma, new models of total quality become the method of assistance. Quality continues to drive organizational performance success, yet many organizations "tweak" their existing processes without clearly understanding the impediments that inhibit performance. TQM, Six Sigma and other quality strategies offer new information that can propel organizational performance. We help you select the best method of quality movement that matches the people and systems governing your organizational strategy.

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