How We Partner For Results

The Levels Approach to Change

We employ the Williams Congruence Development System™ to move your organization from a stagnant past to an energized future.

Level One: Data Analysis

Focuses on the facts, factors, beliefs, assumptions, experiences and feelings of all members of the organization around a given issues or set of issues. The analyses allow for integration of multiple data sets to create a realistic "picture of the whole" that can inform the client in comprehensive and systemic terms. Five instruments are used to collect data:

  1. The Belief Systems Audit™
  2. The Organizational Violence Audit ™
  3. The Cultural Competency Audit™
  4. The Thinking Styles Audit ™
  5. The Organizational Sociogram Audit ™

Level Two: Performance Planning and Process

Focuses on the planning factors that are necessary to ensure 100% of scope in the work. Key to this area are issues of environmental scanning, gap analysis, functional and implementation planning and the creation of a detained work breakdown structure essential for long term budgeting and sustainability. Each employee or each work team is identified with specific outcomes being charted for the present and the future.

Level Three: The Intervention Process

Focuses on the conscious and unconscious issues, practices, procedures and behaviors that block potential of the organization and its members to be successful. Interventions are designed to reduce tension, frustration, confusion, and hurt that often gets in the way of successful implementation of the work. Business and Psychological processes are used here to create contemporary and holistic results.

Level Four: The Maintenance Development System

Focuses on the long term desire of the organization. Change, development, and growth must be maintained. This process focuses on ensuring that the organization and its members value maintaining their development, growth, and change to the maintenance of the organizational system.