Brenda Fellows, Ph.D., President and CEO

Dr. Brenda Fellows obtained a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is a graduate, with distinction, from The Union Institute and University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Fellows’ dissertation research centered on the differential perception for the ability to be hired and promoted in the workplace based on race and gender, which is considered seminal in her field of study.

Dr. Fellows is a professor, author, speaker and corporate consultant who has provided consultation to major global corporations both private and public Dr. Fellows is the Founder and President of Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC, a global management consulting firm specializing in corporate consultation. Thefirm has professional consultants with over 30 years of expertise in the fields of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, Behavioral Management, Human Resource Management, Mental Health Administration, Sociology, Clinical Counseling, and Curriculum & Instruction.

Dr. Fellows has spent her twenty-year professional career in sales and marketing management, training and development, finance and administration, operations management, regional, district employee, and business development within Fortune 500 corporations. Her expertise is in the area of industrial/organizational psychology, social psychology, organizational behavior, behavioral management and human resource management.

Dr. Fellows' award winning research centers on creating effective containers for all persons to work and grow together. She has found that building capacity in people and systems allows organizations and their leaders to add enormous value to the outcomes critical to their success. Her forthcoming book, Your Personal Power-Up: Five steps to take control of your career  is based on her award winning research centering on corporate America. A second and third forthcoming textbook Strategic Leadership: Psychological movements beyond management , and Size Matters: How stress, obesity, and fear in the workplace cause illness, low productivity and high societal costs is also based on her research of corporate America.

Recently her work has centered on helping employees move from tactical managers to strategic leaders and helping women move beyond the “glass” and “concrete” ceilings in corporations. While building more effective containers for all persons to employ mentoring and emotional intelligence as catalysts for change and development, she has created strategic visions for organizations to move beyond a troubled past to an energized future. Each consultation has significantly enhanced the future direction of people and systems...her life's work. Dr. Fellows’ research interests are in:

  • The relationship of executive leadership to organizational and people performance;
  • Organizational learning and knowledge management;
  • Conflict management and negotiation;
  • Strategic leadership and strategic management: similarities and differences;
  • Socialization of new employees: impact of motivation and rewards;
  • Face to face versus virtual teams: conflict management, negotiation, implementation and effective use of technology;
  • Strategic mentoring programs and their impact on movement beyond the glass and concrete ceiling for women in corporate America;
  • Congruence theory and its relationship to organizational and human resource sustainability;
  • Human resource management and leadership factors that impact performance;
  • Cultural dynamics of organizations between fiscal and cultural due diligence; and
  • Assimilation, acculturation and competition and its impact on cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.

Dr. Fellows’ honors include: Recipient of the Circle of Scholars Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Seminal Dissertation Research in a Field of Study, Nominated for the Marvin B. Sussman Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Seminal Dissertation Research in a Field of Study, and Recipient of the Avice M. Saint Graduate Management Award for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement and Leadership in the Field of Management.

Currently Dr. Fellows is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business providing instruction to doctoral and graduate learners at the Swiss Management Center in Austria, Vienna and Zurich, Switzerland. She has taught in the MBA programs of Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, Notre Dame de Namur University, and the College of Business at San Francisco State University and San Jose State University.

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