Organizational Development

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) utilizes Organizational Development (O.D.), strategies to help our client organizations maximize their human assets. O.D. is the field of study and practice that focuses on various aspects of organizational life, aspects that include culture, values, systems and behavior assists client organizations in their change and transformation process. The goal of O.D. is to increase organizational effectiveness and organizational health, through planned interventions in the organization’s processes or operations. Organizational Development is the application of behavioral scientific principles and methods to increase an organization's effectiveness. This field of study utilizes the social sciences to examine both the social and mechanical systems within an organization. It involves the exploration of (a) work processes, (b) communication styles, and (c) reward system of an organization’s culture. The organization’s overall productivity is improved by helping employees achieve their maximum potential. Organizational Development becomes imperative when client organizations (or unit(s) within the organizations) are undergoing a process of change. Issues examined within the field are those issues that embrace areas of structure, process, decision making, people behavior, team development, change management, process improvement and process re-engineering, 360 degree feedback processes, coaching, and counseling. These areas are essential to the balancing of the psychological issues of the organization.

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