Organizational Behavior

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) utilizes Organizational Behavior strategies to help our client organizations move forward sustainably. O.B. is a field of study critically examining issues centering on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ageism and cultural inclusion dynamics that often are the areas of “blind spots within organizations” couched in terms of diversity with little understanding of the impacts of the issues on people and organizational development. Client organizations must evaluate their stance of the hiring and promoting of women, specifically women of color to executive ranks in order to remain competitive.

Men rise higher than women in the ranks of virtually every business, government, and profession. Men are over-represented in executive suites and corporate boardrooms, in national offices of government, on the bench of the judiciary, at the dais of Nobel Prize ceremonies, in military honors, in museums, and art galleries, and in the world’s finest kitchens. Men are even over-represented at the highest reaches of professions dominated by women – such as social work and nursing.

Many women report that their contributions in the workplace are not fairly recognized by men. Some report feeling almost invisible. Some women report they are blocked from advancement by a “glass ceiling” or “concrete ceiling” that tempts them with prized positions they cannot win.

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