Lloyd C. Williams, D.Min, Ph.D.

Dr. Lloyd C. Williams is an educational and organizational researcher, speaker, author, organizational change and research consultant, professor & executive coach.

Dr. Williams holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, a D. Min. in Personality and Culture, two masters degrees and a bachelors degree from some of the distinguished universities in the world and is an author, consultant, personal, professional and executive coach, professor, and Priest. For thirty five years, Dr. Williams has served communities, cultures, organizations, groups and individuals in the advancement of their development to achieve exceptional individual, group and organizational performance. Dr. Williams has written six books in the fields of Organizational Change Management, Human Resources, People Challenges and Organizational and People Sustainability and has spoken widely on issues of human and organizational performance factors around the globe.

Dr. Williams an interdisciplinary master who focuses on the creation of personal and system complements that expand the capacity of people to dream beyond the current borders of their lives and create new options, visions, capacities and competencies that change the paradigm of personal and organizational living. Dr. Williams is a certified professional consultant to Management, a registered organizational development consultant, a member of the International Coach Federation and an executive coach focusing on congruence strategies and process consultation. He is a Professor of Business, Organizational Psychology, Organizational Change and Development, Human Resource Management and Development and all forms of research where his work has focused on the organic nature of business and people development. He is also an Episcopal Priest who has looked at the inclusive strategies of spirit-ness embodied in people development and organizational development Dr. Williams Personal & Organizational Mission Statement : "The process of development personally and organizationally is a path to congruence. I seek to participate in helping you craft a path that balances who you are with what you can become."

About Dr. Lloyd C. Williams and his work, for many years, Dr. Williams has aided or guided the professional and organizational development of numerous entities through the creation of theories that focus on integrations of people and systems. The theories that he has developed have helped frame issues of balance and alignment for people and organizational systems. The name Lloyd C. Williams has become synonymous with the "concept of personal and organizational congruence!" His concepts of congruence have been well documented in numerous books, speaking engagements and lectures throughout the United States and Abroad.

Dr. Williams lives the principles which he writes about and uses the congruence in his own life to help people in personal, organizational, educational and communal strategies. You will find his list of clients impressive, demonstrating the varied impact he has had on the lives of over 9,000 persons. To that end, he has worked toward the creation of balance in seven areas within the lives of people and organizational systems.

To Dr. Williams, Self, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Context, Content and Process are essential to the building of sustainability within the person, the organization, the community the culture and the society. Self is the recognition and understanding of strategies that empower the individual to bring to any situation an awareness of culture, history, gender and personal style that can help in framing and building new strengths and abilities to expand who one is with what one can do. Heart is the utilization of one's beliefs and values to shape thought and action in all activities.

Mind is the strategy to recognize the "whole picture" while focusing on the individual pieces that often are misaligned with one's beliefs, values, and history. Spirit represents the actualization of one's values and beliefs in personal and organizational action. It is a true balancing of one's sense of congruence and how that congruence frames decisions, thoughts and feelings. Context is the "container or frame" that one identifies and operates within for a given situation and it represents the boundary system that channels one's thinking and behavior, whether personal or organizational. Content is the representation of the data sets that drive our behavior. Whether it makes us do the right things in the right way, or fight the information that governs organizational and personal decision making, content is the compilation of all information. Process is the employed strategy we use. Some focus on thinking, others acting, some inaction, some comprehensive action, still others confused actions. What we choose to do sets the process. These strategies create a reality for sustainable development and growth that has rarely been surpassed. The congruence of these principles have guided Dr. Williams and many, many others whom he has touched.

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