Leland K. Hall, Sr., Ph.D.

Dr. Leland K. Hall, Sr. has a doctorate in Psychology/Mental Health Administration from The Union Institute & University.  His expertise as an administrator and consultant in both the public and private arena centers on Organizational Development, Administration and Policy Analysis, Health and Human Services, Community Development/Organization, Social Service Planning/Development, Individual/Group Psychotherapy and Social Work and spans thirty years.

During his tenure as Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Mental Health Services in the Office of Commission on Mental Health Services, Special Assistant for Research to the Chief Clinical Officer inthe Office of Training and Standards, and Special Assistant to the Chairman in the Department of Psychiatry in Washington, D.C., Dr. Hall furthered his expertise by becoming a consultant to numerous universities, national institutes of health, community health and group relations organizations.

Dr. Hall aggressively exhibits both a humanism that fosters equity in the development of systemic inclusion for all persons in organizational systems and a commitment to organizational development.  Issues impacting organizations center on social and cultural development that are influenced by Anthropology and Sociology.  Dr. Hall is well versed in the areas of sociological development, community development, and the systemic process of organizational alignments.

As a tenured professor of The Union Institute & University, Dr. Hall’s background is unique in its balance of theory and practice (person and system), essential to the required integration of the fields of Organizational Psychology, Human Resources and social issues.

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