Kathryn D. Peoples, M.S.C.C. (a.b.d)

Ms. Kathyrn Peoples is a Doctoral Candidate for the degree of Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Leadership at The Union Institute & University. Her expertise is in the area of Organizational Behavior with a focus on Personality Testing; Human Resource Management, Training & Development, Executive Leadership, Team-Building, Conflict Resolution, Behavioral Management, Dialogue, Personal Development, Employee-Assistance Treatment Planning/Intervention, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. Her expansive knowledge and expertise also includes Media Relations centering on corporate sponsorship, policies and regulation development.

Her esteemed fifteen year professional career has been as acting Director of Training & Development for Management Research Associates in Pennsylvania, and as Therapist at the Meadowood Behavioral Hospital (inpatient/outpatient), New Castle, Delaware. Ms. Peoples' specialty lies in Personality Testing. She is well versed in the use of such assessment tools as: Wonderlic Personnel, Factual & Empathetic Judgment Instrument, and Leadership Matrix. Ms. Peoples is an experienced consultant and facilitator of executive seminars focusing on Executive Leadership, Team Building and Communication.

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